Adaptation for Small Business

If there’s one thing we learned as a result of the past year, it’s that we don’t control nearly as much as we thought we did. But if there’s another thing, it’s that adaptability is required for survival in life.

And especially in business.

The kinds of things that we will solve together include:

- Brand Positioning

- Messaging

- Advertising Strategies

- Tactical Marketing

- Social Media

- Expanded Reach

The Process:

  • I’ll send you a form with 10 questions. You complete the form and send it back. Don’t worry, they’re straightforward questions-you’ll know all the answers.
  • We speak directly (audio or video) for about about an hour to discuss your scenario in detail while also crystalizing a goal.
  • I will audit your positioning, your sector, your competition, and get to know your target audience. I will then craft a custom solution based on these variables and your specific goal.
  • About a week later I will present you with a document called a Criteria Report. The Criteria Report outlines your scenario and provides you with detailed recommendations for reaching your goal.
  • We get on another call to discuss the Criteria Report and get you going.
  • I have been in the branding and advertising business for twenty years and have routinely performed these types of sessions with success.
  • I came up as an ad agency copywriter and have worked on big brands, and brands you’ve never heard of. I’ve won awards, shifted perception, and sold tons of products and services.
  • I’ve built brands both in the analog world and in digital. The result of this vast experience is a comprehensive understanding of how to move audiences in a favorable direction, and knowing how and where to engage them.
  • As a CMO for a startup, between 2009–2012 I grew a brand from scratch into the fastest growing company in Charlotte (+3000% growth) without spending a nickel on advertising.
  • I once wrote the global branding tagline for a Fortune 100 company in the first 30 minutes of our first meeting.
  • I’ve worked in so many sectors and markets that I can’t even recall most of them. Which is to say-certain intangibles are universal. I know how to get results.



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