Live Music — An App Idea

I love music. And live music has been a thing for me since I was a boy. The intimacy with the artists. The energy of the crowd.

It sucks not having that option as the COVID-19 virus makes its way across the planet. But who knows if we’ll ever go back to the way it was before? Packed concert halls and arenas with people bouncing and dancing and banging into each other in a joyous expression just seems like a bad idea right now. Maybe forever.

But not having live music sucks. So I propose we expand live music to everyone. Real live music. At home or in small groups with artists playing and interacting with us throughout the show.

Here’s how it might work (and I’m just spitballing here so …):

  1. A subscription-based service that provides live performances by artists from across the musical spectrum across the globe via an app.

I realize that NOTHING will replace live performances with live audiences. But we can’t wish for things to be different. Maybe we go back to the way it was one day. Maybe we don’t.

Bottom line is that no live music is simply not an option. So I say let’s adjust appropriately using the tools of technology that we have in our hands, and the creativity that we have in our hearts and get this done.

Sure, it’s a pipe dream, but who knows. We’re all adapting to new lifestyles at the moment. And yes, I realize there are live shows happening now for home viewing — and that’s great. There are even people congregating on existing social channels through a love of music and it’s beautiful.

Someone needs to spearhead this idea. I’m happy to help in any way.

You can’t stop art.





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